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Mokka – Company Profile & Funding Overview




Company Name: Mokka
Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
Industry: Financial Services, Fintech
Founded: 2019
Founders: Ivan Glazachev, Artem Kravchenko


Mokka is a fintech company based in Estonia that specializes in providing innovative financial solutions aimed at revolutionizing the credit and lending landscape in emerging markets. Since its inception in 2019, Mokka has rapidly gained traction due to its unique approach to financial services, which emphasizes accessibility, customer-centricity, and technological integration. The company has established itself as a notable player in the fintech industry, offering services that cater to both individual consumers and businesses.

Business Model and Services

Mokka’s primary offering revolves around “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) services. This model allows consumers to make purchases and defer payments over time, often with no interest or minimal fees, depending on the repayment schedule. Mokka partners with various merchants to integrate its BNPL solution into their payment systems, thereby providing consumers with flexible payment options at the point of sale.

Key Services:

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL):
    • Flexible Payment Plans: Mokka offers customizable repayment plans that allow consumers to choose the number of installments and the duration over which they repay their purchases.
    • No Hidden Fees: Transparent fee structures ensure that users are aware of any costs upfront, enhancing trust and satisfaction.
    • Instant Approval: Leveraging advanced credit scoring algorithms, Mokka provides instant approval decisions, making the process seamless for users.
  2. Merchant Solutions:
    • Integration Support: Mokka assists merchants in integrating its BNPL service into their existing payment systems, offering technical support and training.
    • Increased Sales: By providing flexible payment options, Mokka helps merchants boost their sales and average transaction values.
  3. Consumer Financial Tools:
    • Credit Management: Tools and resources to help consumers manage their credit, track payments, and maintain financial health.
    • Mobile App: A user-friendly mobile application that allows consumers to manage their accounts, view transaction history, and make payments on the go.

Technology and Innovation

Mokka leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver its services efficiently and securely. The company’s platform is built on advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms that enable real-time credit scoring and fraud detection. This technological foundation ensures quick, reliable service for both consumers and merchants.

Key Technological Features:

  • AI-driven Credit Scoring: Mokka uses artificial intelligence to analyze a wide range of data points, offering more accurate and inclusive credit assessments.
  • Blockchain for Security: The company employs blockchain technology to enhance transaction security and ensure data integrity.
  • API Integration: Easy-to-use APIs allow seamless integration with merchant systems, facilitating smooth operations and customer experiences.

Market Presence and Expansion

Initially focused on the Eastern European market, Mokka has gradually expanded its footprint to other emerging markets. The company’s strategy involves partnering with local merchants and adapting its services to meet the specific needs of each market. This localized approach has been pivotal in driving Mokka’s growth and adoption.

Key Markets:

  • Eastern Europe: Strong presence with significant merchant partnerships.
  • Southeast Asia: Recent expansion efforts have targeted fast-growing markets with a high demand for flexible payment solutions.
  • Latin America: Ongoing efforts to enter and establish a presence in Latin America, recognizing the region’s potential for fintech innovations.

Funding History

Mokka has successfully attracted significant funding from a variety of investors, highlighting confidence in its business model and growth potential. The company has utilized these funds to enhance its technology, expand its market presence, and develop new product offerings.

Funding Rounds:

  1. Seed Round (2019):
    • Amount Raised: $1 million
    • Lead Investors: Local fintech angel investors
    • Purpose: Initial development of the platform and market entry.
  2. Series A (2020):
    • Amount Raised: $5 million
    • Lead Investors: Notable venture capital firms with a focus on fintech
    • Purpose: Expansion into new markets and scaling operations.
  3. Series B (2022):
    • Amount Raised: $15 million
    • Lead Investors: International investors including prominent fintech-focused VC firms
    • Purpose: Technological enhancement, further market expansion, and product diversification.
  4. Series C (2024):
    • Amount Raised: $30 million
    • Lead Investors: Consortium of global investors, including major financial institutions
    • Purpose: Continued global expansion, strategic acquisitions, and advanced R&D for new fintech solutions.

Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions

Mokka has formed strategic partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, including merchants, financial institutions, and technology providers. These collaborations have been crucial in scaling its operations and enhancing its service offerings.

Notable Partnerships:

  • Local Merchants: Partnering with thousands of local retailers to offer BNPL services.
  • Financial Institutions: Collaborations with banks to provide integrated financial products and services.
  • Technology Firms: Partnerships with tech companies to leverage innovative solutions for platform enhancement.


Mokka’s growth strategy includes strategic acquisitions aimed at bolstering its technological capabilities and expanding its market presence.

  • Tech Startups: Acquiring startups specializing in AI and data analytics to enhance its credit scoring and fraud detection systems.
  • Regional Fintechs: Acquiring regional fintech companies to accelerate market entry and gain local expertise.

Future Outlook

Mokka’s future looks promising, with continued growth expected as the company expands into new markets and develops additional financial products. The increasing popularity of BNPL services, coupled with Mokka’s strong technological foundation, positions the company well for sustained success.

Strategic Goals:

  • Global Expansion: Continue to enter and establish a strong presence in new emerging markets.
  • Product Innovation: Develop new financial products to diversify offerings and cater to a broader audience.
  • Technological Advancement: Invest in cutting-edge technologies to enhance service efficiency and security.


Mokka has swiftly emerged as a key player in the fintech space, particularly within the BNPL sector. Its focus on leveraging technology to provide accessible, flexible financial solutions has resonated well with consumers and merchants alike. With robust funding and strategic growth plans, Mokka is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of rapid growth and innovation in the coming years.

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