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Discovering the Beauty of Northern Taiwan: A Private Day Tour of Yehliu, Laomei, and Jiufen



Northern Taiwan: A Private Day Tour of Yehliu,

Taiwan, known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant street food, offers numerous attractions that cater to various interests. Among its many treasures, the northern coast stands out for its geological wonders, historical towns, and picturesque scenery. This private day tour to Yehliu Geopark, Laomei Green Reef, and Jiufen Old Street is a perfect itinerary for those looking to explore the diverse beauty of Taiwan in a single day.

Yehliu Geopark: A Geological Marvel

The first stop on this day tour is Yehliu Geopark, located in the Wanli District of New Taipei City. Renowned for its unique rock formations, Yehliu is a natural wonder shaped by millions of years of geological processes. The park stretches about 1.7 kilometers into the sea, forming a narrow cape that offers breathtaking views of the coastline.

Upon entering the park, visitors are greeted by the iconic “Queen’s Head” rock, a natural formation that resembles the profile of a queen. This particular rock has become a symbol of the park and is a must-see for every visitor. Other notable formations include the “Fairy Shoe,” “Candle Rock,” and “Sea Candles.” Each rock tells a story of erosion and weathering, making the park a fascinating open-air museum of natural history.

Exploring Yehliu Geopark can be a serene experience as you walk along the well-maintained paths, observing the interplay of nature’s forces. The park also has an ecological reserve where you can learn about the local flora and fauna, adding another layer of interest to your visit.

Laomei Green Reef: Nature’s Masterpiece

Next, the tour takes you to Laomei Green Reef, located along the north coast in the Shimen District. This natural wonder is particularly striking during the spring months when the reef is covered with a vibrant green algae, creating a stunning contrast against the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Laomei Green Reef is actually a volcanic rock formation that has been sculpted by the sea over thousands of years. The algae that grows on these rocks during the spring gives the reef its characteristic green hue. The best time to visit is from April to May, when the green algae is at its peak, providing a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts.

Walking along the beach and observing the intricate patterns of the reef is a meditative experience. The rhythmic sound of the waves, combined with the sight of the lush green algae, offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. For those interested in marine biology, the reef also serves as a habitat for various marine organisms, making it a site of ecological importance.

Jiufen Old Street: A Step Back in Time

The final stop on the tour is Jiufen Old Street, a historic town that transports visitors back to the gold rush era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Nestled in the mountains of Ruifang District, Jiufen offers a glimpse into Taiwan’s past with its narrow alleyways, traditional teahouses, and red lanterns that light up the streets at night.

Jiufen Old Street is famous for its vibrant market atmosphere. As you wander through the maze of streets, you’ll encounter a variety of local delicacies, such as taro balls, peanut ice cream rolls, and fish ball soup. The street food here is a highlight for many visitors, offering a taste of authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

Beyond the culinary delights, Jiufen is also known for its teahouses that offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the sea. These teahouses are perfect spots to relax and soak in the nostalgic ambiance of the town. The A-Mei Teahouse, with its distinctive architecture and panoramic views, is particularly popular and is often associated with the animated film “Spirited Away.”

For those interested in history and culture, Jiufen’s gold mining museum provides insights into the town’s prosperous past. Exhibits include mining equipment, historical photographs, and detailed accounts of the lives of the miners who once worked here. The museum offers a comprehensive look at the impact of the gold rush on the local community and the region’s development.

Tips for a Perfect Day Tour

To make the most of your private day tour to Yehliu, Laomei, and Jiufen, here are some practical tips:

  1. Start Early: Begin your tour early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy a more serene experience at each site.
  2. Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking, especially on uneven terrain at Yehliu Geopark and Laomei Green Reef.
  3. Weather Preparedness: Check the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear, such as sunscreen, hats, or umbrellas, depending on the season.
  4. Photography: Don’t forget your camera! Each location offers unique photographic opportunities, from the rock formations at Yehliu to the green algae at Laomei and the charming streets of Jiufen.
  5. Local Guide: Consider hiring a local guide who can provide deeper insights into the history and significance of each location, enhancing your overall experience.


A private day tour to Yehliu Geopark, Laomei Green Reef, and Jiufen Old Street is a journey through some of Taiwan’s most captivating landscapes and cultural sites. From the geological wonders of Yehliu to the natural beauty of Laomei and the historic charm of Jiufen, this tour offers a diverse and enriching experience. Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or food aficionado, this itinerary promises a memorable day exploring the unique treasures of northern Taiwan.

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